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Phoenix Middle School – Worthington, OH

JacQ Design was recommended to the staff of Phoenix Middle School in Worthington, OH. We set out to help them fill the gap they had with existing teacher/student/school grading applications, and their Mastery Assessment grading system. We started by working with them to develop an application to the specific needs and requirements they had put together.

As JacQ Design started building the application, enhancing it, and working with them, we discovered a system and school that we wanted to share, promote and continue to expand on. We have begun developing a hosted version of the application, and JacQ Design donates our old mac laptops when we upgrade to students at the school that are financially struggling families, but are hard working students trying their best to excel. It has been one of Jeremy’s favorite applications he has developed and loves working with the teachers and the school, and personally promotes this system of education every chance he gets.

We should also note that one of the teachers we work with Tim Dove this past year was awarded Teacher of the Year, a well deserved and phenomenal honor. We consider it an honest privilege to have had the opportunity to work with this group. Even if some students aren’t exactly fans of the real time notifications their parents get of their progress as a result of our application. 😉

The school was featured on the local news channel here:

Mastery Assessment Teacher Reports

This is all the reporting sheets we built in the teacher’s interface.